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Community V:The Evolution and Deepening of Communication Technology
Community V:The Evolution and Deepening of Communication Technology:Diverse Perspective of Society, Economy, and Individual [103/4/1~103/12/31]
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Research Topic

Communication technologies were definitely not a new term in this century. As printing was firstly invented, a great impact had decisively influenced the communication of human culture and knowledge. Communication is the conduct of transmitting information. On the other side, technology changes how the information is transmitted and how fast is the transmission. Especially the digital revolution, which occurred at the end of last century, has made the development of communication technologies become immeasurable, changed communication ecology and human activities rapidly, and created new future and challenges for academic researches. Therefore, this project is focus on the preceding statements of communication technologies, such as cultural citizenship, media competitive advantage, augmented reality technology, etc., so as to empower the progress of communication technologies.

This projected is constructed by three subprojects and proposed corporately by three professors from department of communication and technology. The project discusses the newest progress of communication technologies respectively from the macroscopic perspectives of social culture, the perspective of industrial economic management, and the microscopic perspective of personal experiences. The analysis of social culture is focus on the cultural citizenship’s dialectics of information society and social vulnerable groups. Different from politics, economy, and social citizenship, cultural citizenship shows that the concept of contemporary citizenship has kept paces with times. Cultural citizenship examines differences between citizens and the citizens’ rights to maintain differences from several viewpoints such as gender, class, race, and ecology. The analysis of economic management attaches importance to economic and managing issues of new media, and diverse theories, such as Structure-Conduct-Performance Model, The Long Tail, Resource-Based View, Value Chain Analysis, etc., is applied to examine the same media market. This part of research attempts to analyze the competitive advantage and disadvantage of new media theoretically. As for personal experiences, the subproject is aimed at an innovative application of media - Augmented Reality Book(AR Book). In this part, user experience analysis will be proceeded. Apart from applicability, attitude or behavior, which were discussed in the past researches in order to understand the learning effect of AR Book, user experiences cover a much wider range of feelings, like delight, entertainment, emotion satisfaction, or aesthetic pleasure.

In the planning of this integrated project, all subprojects begin with the same problem awareness, that is, how to evolve and deepen the content of communication technologies, and are proceeded dividedly in different viewpoints. In the end, the results will be integrated, and new visions and viewpoints will be promoted collectively, in order to increase relevant knowledge of communication technologies and new media. Thus, to department of communication and technology, this project has significant meaning to its academic innovation and plays a crucial role for the department to lead the communication academia.