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Community II:The Technology and Society of Taiwan
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Research Topic

Since scientific revolution, science has gradually become an essential discipline in the society. By exhibition, development and power competition, science has established itself to an independent and purely rational discipline, and avoided to be influenced by other fields; however, the entire progress actually has neglected (or eliminate) the social purpose of science. After 1960s, the academia reexamined the social purpose of science; scholars no longer researched science from the viewpoint of traditional science history(which consider that scientific knowledge and technology cause a big leap of science or improvement in human lives); instead, scholars conversely viewed science and technology under the framework of society, and analyzed the social purpose of science which was original seemed as a purely rational discipline. Science, technology and society studies then emerged, which are studies that consider technology and society to be actors influencing and shaping each other mutually, and explore the forces of these actors’ interaction. In other words, technology creates/shakes/produces/deconstructs society; on the other side, society creates/ shakes/produces/deconstructs technology. For Taiwan – an island country at the border area of the world that has developed high-tech industry for years, these studies provide significant meanings to rethink the technological and scientific issues of the country. Consequently, the project discusses several important change of technological society on a macroscale and a microscale respectively.