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Community I: East Asia Modernity and the Nation State
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Project Participants

I. Emphasis on the Mental Structure and the Reconfiguration of the Concept of Border involved in East Asia Modernization:
Topic Researcher
East-Asian Modernity and Cultural Translation Joyce C.H. Liu
** Nation Sate and Post Nation State Yuan-Horng Chu
** The Mental Structure of East-Asian Third World Countries Kuan-Hsing Chen
** Diplomatic Theory of the Bakumatsu Era and the Later Mitogaku Era of Japan: Imagination of Asia and its vision of Japan Hung Yueh Lan
** Inventing East Asia: Reoccurrence of the Other in the 19th Century voyages Der-Liang Chiou Century voyages
Der-Liang Chiou
II. Emphasis on the Nation State and Democratic Movement of East Asia:/td>
Topic Researcher
** Re-thinking the Cultural Revolution and Political Aspects Wang Hui
** Social Structure and Transformation of the 1970s in Taiwan Shu-fen Lin
** Social Structure and Social Formation of the Post ’89 in China Wei Ni
** Democratic Movement of Ryukyu and East Asian Regional Order Ge Sun
** Democratic Movement during the Cold War and Post-Cold War Era in Korea Hi-Yeon Cho