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Yi-Ting Shih

E - mail| francessshih@gmail.com
Tel| 03-5712121 ext. 52485


1. Administrative affairs of South of Asia research project
2. Research data organization of South of Asia project
3. Project budget management and first trial of budget audit
E - mail| nana.wlchang@g2.nctu.edu.tw
Tel| 03-5712121 ext. 52480


1. Core executive and contact person of Ministry of Education projects
2. Application of inviting Overseas Scholars(Recruitments of humanities personnel with subsidies from the National Science Council)
3. Application of inviting Domestic Visiting Scholars(The National Science Council trial project on domestic visiting scholars of humanities)
4. Application of inviting NCTU Scholars(Examination and evaluation of NCTU scholars from Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, NCTU)
5. Assigned affairs from overseas guest scholars
6. Budget management